poetry, prose, and everything in-between

the girl who once was


i stared at the reflection of a girl i did not recognize
the hollowness in her pale, brown eyes was startling
as i saw the last embers of fire dying and burning out

in a moment she had aged 50 years beyond her time
while reclaiming the helplessness of a lost child
where had her courage gone? her strength? her care?

her passion?

had they too withered away?
blown away like the embers from the gusty winds in the city
washed away like the tides at sea
dried out like the shriveling greens in the desert
frozen like the cold, arctic ice
tired like the sleeping babies and slow elders

hidden in the depths of the caves behind her skin

when would she -- could she? -- find her kindling again?
only left with a memory of her eternal flame

i reached out to the reflection trying to take her hand in mine
but she only looked at me with furrowed brows and a wrinkled face
her hands, once fierce and bold ready to punch through anything, rested weakly, sheltered in her lap covered in scars with brittle bones

her beauty and youth stripped away with the chimes of the bells

her faced tense with each strike as if waiting for an impending force

reminding her of

the silence disrupted.
and the grey sky looming

so there i sat looking at the skeleton of a girl who once was.