poetry, prose, and everything in-between

City Serenade


It’s 7:21. The period just after rush hour with the remnants of dissipating crowds and a slight rhythm of sporadic footsteps near the edge of the platform. I hear a whistling sound approaching as I graze my foot against the familiar bumped edge.

The familiar hum grows louder, a medley of sounds approaching, as I start to hear the patterned thumps of a speeding train coming near.

The train trails at a steady pace as its wheels meet the finish line, pulsing to a distinct beat and then stopping all at once in a sudden halt. I hear a distant drumming pattern over the train buzzing by.  Each sound melting into a mesmerizing melody — the intoxicating rhythm of its chorus drowning out the noise.

Scattered laughs and muffled small talk wafts in the background as I hear the compress of the train jerk to a stop. The doors screech as they pull apart in one swift motion.

Stand clear of the open doors, please.

I slip past the cold metal poles and pass by the overlapping conversations as the train begins to rumble. I make my way through the bouncing car, where I find an open seat, in a secluded corner.

The chorus begins again, as the train paces rapidly, meeting the harsh sounds of the tracks. Scattered voices and laughs hum over each other as the train pauses. Time melts while we race against the tunnel as if we were pacing through at the speed of light.

I skip this song, and I lean back against my seat, moving with the vibration of the tumbling walls.  

I close my eyes as I feel the dissolving evening sunlight radiate onto me, as we rise up above the skyline; this is my favorite part. I pull out my earbuds for a moment, to hear the whirring of the train as we speed past, savoring the radiating heat on my face.

I watch the fleeting skyline, and before I know it, the train speeds past the last quick brush of daylight and returns to the whirring tunnel, coming to a halt.

I’ve met my destination, bouncing off my seat – Disappearing into the station, not looking back. As I move farther away from the platform, I hear the routine click of the metal doors, preparing for their next arrival.